The Product -

Body Meal contains

Triple Vegan ProteinS

An essential protein cocktail

– Rice and pea: Replenishes lost protein after sleep and exercise. Initial rapid replenishment is followed by slower release during the course of the day. Healthy nutrients with essential amino acids.
– Hemp: Easy to digest and absorb.
– Arginine & Histidine: For growth in childhood.
– Methionine and Cysteine: Essential enzymes.
– Unsaturated fatty acids: Omega 3 and 6.

Green Superfoods

Contribute to better absorption and transportation of oxygen. Algae and plants contain:

– Antioxidants: Protect the crucial elements of cells.
– Fibre: Affects digestion.
– Enzymes: Break down the food we eat.
– Phytochemicals: Biochemical processes that create physiological balance, e.g. through protection against parasites and infections.
– Vitamins: Provide support for all bodily functions, e.g. transportation of toxins.
– Minerals: Building blocks to develop the body.
– Chlorophyll: Conversion of sunlight to energy (photosynthesis). Can help promote regeneration of haemoglobin and prevent body odour, bad breath and sweat.

Vitamins and Minerals

Contribute to normal function of:

– Immune system
– Metabolism
– Nervous system
– Energy level
– Gastric acid production
– Blood sugar
– Muscle function
– Digestive system


Mix one sachet or four spoonfuls of Body Meal in 300-400 ml cold water stirring continuously until the desired consistency is achieved.Body Meal is made up of only natural flavourings = No artificial ingredients.


Body Meal is 100 % vegan and doesn’t contain gluten or lactose. With its high content of proteins, super greens, vitamins and minerals, it’s been carefully designed and put together to keep your body, brain and psyche in good working order.Body Meal is produced in Denmark and is a completely natural product – without any artificial additives. The natural, plant-based flavourings and colours give Body Meal with fresh apple flavour the finest and most natural light green colour that is maintained when the powder is dissolved in liquid. Inviting and ready to drink.


Rice, Pea, Hemp, Apple mix, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, CMC Gum, Common horsetail, Fenugreek seeds, Chlorella, Spirulina, Wheat grass, Barley grass, Alfalfa, Nettles, Kale, Peppermint, Vitamin C, Stevia glycosides, Vitamin E, Niacin, Zinc, Manganese, Vitamin B6, Copper, Vitamin A, Folic acid, Selenium, Vitamin D.


Nutritional value: Per 100g ~ Per sachet (28g)Energy: 1625 kJ/375 kCal ~ 455 kJ/105 kCalFat: 5.3 g ~ 1.5 g- Of which saturated fatty acids 0.5 g ~ 0.15 gCarbohydrate: 9.0 g ~ 2.5 g- Of which sugars 0.68 g ~ 0.19 gDietary fibre: 5.3 g ~ 1.5 gProtein: 64 g ~ 18 gSalt: 0.4 g ~ 0.13 gVitamins/Minerals: Per 2 sachets, Ref. intake (RI)Vitamin A: 800 µg 100%Vitamin D: 5 µg 100%Vitamin E: 24 mg 200%Vitamin C: 140 mg 175%Niacin: 16 mg 100%Vitamin B6: 1.8 mg 130%Folic acid: 300 µg 150%Calcium: 800 mg 100%Magnesium: 300 mg 80%Potassium: 1000 mg 50%Zinc: 10 mg 100%Copper: 1.4 mg 140%Manganese: 2 mg 100%Selenium: 80 µg 145%

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