A vegan diet has helped Karen Barritza to lose weight
Karen Barritza

Karen Barritza

Female player on the Danish national tennis team

Winner of 11 titles on the ITF Women’s Circuit, 7 Danish Championships and has previously peaked at no. 380 in the world.

“I’ve been playing professional tennis for many years and have played on the international stage since I was 14. I was ranked second in Denmark until 2018 and still play at a high level at the age of 28.

My diet has been incredibly important to me. It’s crucial that all my needs are met and that everything comes together in the optimum manner.

For a couple of years either side of 2012 I had a big struggle with my weight and my skin was also very poor. I trained extensively, but, as an athlete, I still weighed a bit too much. Luckily I met someone who managed to persuade me to switch to a plant-based diet, which obviously required drastic changes: I gave up meat and dairy products and became a vegan. I gradually lost the surplus kilos without really having to be particularly careful …

A good level of fitness

Today my body feels very light because I don’t eat meat. I maintain a good level of fitness, with Vegan Power Meal really suiting my lifestyle. I drink it every day, where I blend it with oat milk to make various smoothies or mix it into my porridge.

Earlier, I took chlorella and spirulina, which are nutrient-rich dietary supplements, but I don’t need to anymore because these two nutrients are already represented in Vegan Power Meal.

When juggling with the countless aspects of everyday life, Vegan Power Meal complements my lifestyle very well. It’s a question of looking after yourself, maintaining good habits and supplying your body with good things – it’s a positive win-win situation for me.”

Karen Barritza

Are you a full-time vegan?

Do you want to supplement your vegan diet with vitamins and minerals?

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